Premium pre-infused cocktails on-tap and in bottles. Surprisingly effortless

The craft and convenience

Creating delicious cocktails made with natural ingredients blended and balanced to perfection is our job. 

Packaging them in bottles for home consumption or in kegs to be poured from bar taps in restaurants, bars and hotels is also our job.

In fact our job is to make drinking premium quality cocktails as pleasurable and as easy as possible wherever you may be.

Our Story

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We’re located on the southern tip of the Knockmealdown mountains, County Waterford – surely one of the most beautiful spots in the world

How can we help?

For bars, restaurants and hotels, 7th Raven offers turnkey solutions designing and installing specialised equipment ergonomically laid out to enable your staff to serve the finest quality cocktails to your customers quickly, efficiently and consistently, no matter how big the crowd. 

Staffing up for large events or busy days in the week will be a thing of the past. So too will be the worries of finding enough mixologists to provide consistency in quality of the cocktails your staff are serving to your customers. 

For festivals, weddings, business events or any offsite events, 7th Raven offers a mobile 4-cocktail kegerator. Serving consistent premium quality cocktails at these events is extremely difficult as time is limited and service levels critical. 

With our kegerator your staff will be pouring and serving quality cocktails at 7 or 8 times faster than if they were made from scratch. 

Running out of key ingredients, or over-ordering of other ingredients will also be a thing of the past. 

And for those at home, you may order your favourite cocktails online or at select retail outlets.


Bloom 2022
Bloom 2022


Strawberry Daiquiri

Porn Star Martini

Espresso Martini

Our Cockatils Are Available On Tap