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We’re an independent family business built on solid working relationships developed over time with our suppliers, distributors, consultants and customers. We are all family.

The HIghlights

Our life’s journey began in Africa, traversed the Southern and Mid-West States of the USA for nearly two decades and now we live and work most happily in the land of our forefathers, Ireland

Coffee roasting and crafting fine cocktails is what we do, roasting only the finest ethically-sourced African Arabica coffee beans to perfection and crafting cocktails sourcing only the finest, freshest and most flavourful locally-sourced ingredients…and they’re surprisingly effortless to enjoy.

After batch mixing, our cocktails are slowly and carefully pre-infused with selected gases over several days before packaging into either Keykegs or bottles. This gives them a silky smoothness to taste, protection against oxidation and other important natural features such as a good, consistent golden head on our espresso martinis or our ready-to-drink Mojito bubbling away as soon as it’s poured into a glass.

With the advent of COVID and the closing of Ireland’s pubs in 2020, we needed to bottle our cocktails so they could be enjoyed at home, as well as the bars. Packaging now includes 330ml and 770ml bottles along with our traditional 20 litre Keykeg cocktail range. What you enjoy at the bars and restaurants should also be enjoyed at home.

Looking into the future, we’ll use those lifelong friendships and knowledge base to reach back as far as possible to secure ingredients so fresh, so new and so spectacular that they possibly have never been tasted before in Europe and America…well, anyhow, definitely not in cocktail format! And we’re forever chasing new technologies and small scale equipment that will extract the very best from these ingredients.

There are flavours and stories so rich and so deep that we tap into and bring to you in every 7th Raven Cocktail.

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Our origins and focus has always been on producing quality African Arabica roasted beans and using this base to create some exciting and innovative value added products such as nitro coffee and espresso martini.

Why Africa Arabica Coffee?

Well, Africa is both the home of all coffees throughout the world and it is our home too.

African coffees, especially the heirloom varieties grown for thousands of years in the Highlands of Ethiopia hold such variety and quality, there is no need to look any further.

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Our Roasting philosophy has always been to produce a balanced coffee, a good solid body with outstanding flavours and aromas to give our customers a great mouthfeel with every sip.

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Nitro coffee was our first venture into value-added coffee products which we began in 2013 whilst wholesale coffee roasting in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In 2017 we brought those skills and passion to Ireland, the land of our forefathers, where we set up our present operation.

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Espresso Martini was the next exciting project. Developing the right formulation and gas mix was a challenge but by the end of 2019 we were very happy with our flavour profile and the ability to pour consistently an espresso martini from a bar stout tap with a very good head of small golden nitro bubbles.

For both the Nitro Coffee and the Espresso Martini we have used Oneway recyclable kegs.

With the advent of Covid-19 we are making our products available in bottles ranging from 330 ml to 700 ml.

Our Coffee journey began in 2002, some 18 years ago in the US where we operated our own retail specialty coffee shop and wholesale roasting operation. We learnt to love the industry from behind the counter –  the customers, the staff, the coffee…we love it all.

From here our journey looks bright and exciting.  Many markets in Europe are now being researched. Maybe you’ll see us in your local pub soon. Hope so…

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