Strawberry Daiquiri Double


Double your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Enjoy 2 bottles of strawberry daiquiri – just in case one is not quite enough.


INGREDIENTS:  Strawberries, water, sugar, alcohol, rum, lime, carminic acid.

RECOMMENDED SERVINGS: 7 servings (110ml).

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: 12.6% ABV, 73 kcal per 110ml serving.

HOW TO USE: Either pop and pour over ice or pour into a blender with ice and enjoy it slushy-style.

TASTING NOTES: Strong strawberries blending smoothly with the rum and lime notes.

SPECIFICATIONS: Allergen free, dairy free, no artificial flavours, no artificial preservatives, non-GMO.

STORAGE: Keep refrigerated, Use within 3 days after opening.


Contains natural ingredients. Settlement may occur. Shake before using.

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