Here we are outside 7th Raven’s Cappoquin Roastery and Warehouse in West Waterford. We the two Irish. Sean’s the young one with the great red hair, greater red beard and all with his Mid West American accent. The old one with the head gear on to hide the grey hair is me. Sean does much on the formulations and production, I do much on everything. Together, we are 7th Raven. 

We know how to pronounce Tjolotjo (and have been there) but clueless on pronouncing dólámhach. There’s no great old copper pot still in our warehouse or rows of  wooden barrels filled with maturing whiskey. At the back of our warehouse sits Gino, our Italian direct heat 15 kg batch coffee roaster.

So if we’ve shattered both your perceptions of an Irish alcoholic drinks manufacturer and how good a ready to drink cocktail can really taste like, we’ve done our job well and had a grand old time doing it.

Dave McLaughlin