So what is nitro coffee?

Our nitro coffee is brewed coffee, infused slowly with nitrogen gas in kegs over several days and poured fresh from a stout tap. It forms a glorious golden creamy head atop the coffee’s chilled, smooth velvety body.

It’s a refreshing energy coffee drink.
No added sugar, sugar substitutes or chemicals
100% natural  

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Raven Nitro Coffee on tap

Our Master craftsman, the Bean Whisperer, hand selects the finest African Arabica heirloom green coffee beans to roast on coffee roasting profiles he has developed over the past decade to specifically create a sweeter, richer nitro coffee with deep chocolate and caramel notes. 

In February 2019 we travelled to Paris where the team at the Virgin Mary Bar presented their alcohol-free bar concept at the Cocktails and Spirits Show. Genius, a blend of Raven nitro coffee and Braxzz 0% porter which was developed by Anna Walsh, manager at their Dublin Store.

Nitro Coffee on show with Zero Option in London

In June 2019 Raven Nitro Coffee was on display at the Imbibe Festival in London. Zero Option, a large UK Distributor, presented to hotel, bar and restaurant owners and managers what they could offer to the ever-growing demand for alcohol-free options.

Take time to enjoy a Nitro Coffee either after work or just chilling with friends.