Strawberry Daiquiri (770ml single)


Enjoy 5 full strawberry daquiri cocktails (5 shot or 150ml each) in this bottle. Only Wexford strawberries used in making this cocktail. No commercial grade syrups or purees. Just strawberries from Kearns Fruit Farms.

HOW TO USE: Either pop and pour over ice or pour into a blender with ice and enjoy it slushy-style. Use a tall glass.

TASTING NOTES: Strong strawberries blending smoothly with the rum and lime notes.

SPECIFICATIONS: Allergen free, dairy free, no artificial flavours, no artificial preservatives, non-GMO.

STORAGE: Keep refrigerated, Use within 3 days after opening. NATURALLY INFUSED COCKTAILS Contains natural ingredients. Settlement may occur. Shake before using.


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