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“Roasting coffee is 1 part science, 1 part art and 2 parts passion”… the Bean Whisperer.

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Our source for green beans is the distant mystic mountains and cool Highlands of Northern and Eastern Africa. Ethiopia is the primarily source but also Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Malawi.

Our commitment is to ethically source our green coffee beans from this Region. Traditional family operated farms is the foundation for our coffee and the specialty coffee industry.  All coffee farmers need to be respected and paid prices which reflects their hard labours and importance to our industry.

Hand-selected on location, altitude, farming practices, picking standards, post-harvesting processes and cupping notes, these out of the ordinary quality beans, full of complex natural sugars evolving inside the bean during a long slow, cool summer growing period, creates the basis for us to roast coffee beans which are balanced and full of a medley of incredible flavours and aromas.

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A traditional serving of coffee in Ethiopia

Coffee roasting is my passion. Over 13 years, I have learnt to understand and love the process. Developing time: temperature roasting profiles to bring out the very best inside a coffee bean is my ultimate goal. Here are some of my early roasts with 5 of our coffees scoring between 91 and 93 points on

To achieve the roasting philosophy I now look for – coffee with a good mouthfeel, richness, sweetness, chocolate notes and balance – I need a special drum roaster. One which could bring body along with the flavour and aromas in these heirloom coffees.

Fortunately, I found the perfect coffee roaster manufacturer in Italy: IMF who are based in Occhiobello, not far from Bologna.

My roaster has a name – Gino. It is named after my dear Italian-American friend who died of a heart attack whilst I was in Italy buying the Roaster. The staff at IMF put his name on the Roaster.

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