Waterford #throwdown

Waterford #throwdown

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February 2018: #throwdown

A few weeks back we had the opportunity to meet three of Waterford Ireland’s finest Mixologists; Steve Kelly, John Egan and Dave Coe (as seen below) The challenge was to introduce them to Raven nitro coffee (a chilled coffee infused with nitrogen which pours from the tap just like a Guinness) and to have them use locally produced spirits to create their perfect #coffeecocktail. #espresso martini, #nitrocoffee, #cocktail #coffeecocktail Chilled nitro coffee came about in 2012/13 in the USA as an alternative to the ice coffee (the standard for the specialty coffee industry). Ice coffee can be brewed either using a cold press or brewed hot and then chilled in a fridge.¬†Either way, it is served in a glass or clear mug with a helping of ice. The problem with ice coffee – or any coffee you chill – is that the brighter, lemony notes are accentuated. The sweeter, chocolate or caramel notes (if the coffee had them to start with) are suppressed. So Nitro coffee was created using techniques not dissimilar to making Guinness – except the ingredients, of course. At Raven Coffee we have developed our own style of nitro coffee using a cold brew methodology followed by nitrogen infusion. ice nitro, ice nitro coffee, nitro, chilled nitro coffee, nitro coffee, #energydrink, #energy, #nitrocoffee This we developed this formula in our last 2 years of the 17 years we had our own coffee retail and roasting business in the USA. And we brought it with us to the fair shore of Ireland (Dungarvan, County Waterford to be exact) intending to export into Europe’s finest Cosmopolitan Cities and fun Festivals. Irish coffee, #coffee, cocktail, coffee cocktail, Raven chilled nitro coffee John was first up. He looked to do a slant on an Irish Coffee using Raven Chilled Nitro Coffee, locally produced Spice Island Rum and Coconut flake on the top. “Raven Chilled Nitro Coffee is very well balanced, holds up well on its own and is a very good mixer for cocktails” said John. It was amazing to see the cream spin and twirl as it interacted with the Raven Nitro Coffee. espresso martini, #cocktail, #coffeecocktail, Nitro Coffee, Raven Nitro Coffee Steve Kelly was next up. He found the Raven Chilled Nitro Coffee “very natural and refreshing”. Steve named his cocktail “The Thin Raven” as he was using locally produced Muldoon’s Whiskey Liquor (“to sweeten the martini”), Thin Gin (to give it “an extra kick”)and Raven Chilled Nitro Coffee. It was a beauty! Check it out below #cocktail, cocktail, #matini, martini, #coffeecocktail, cockatil, #nitrocoffee, nitrocoffee Dave Coe rounded off the fun afternoon with a stunning cocktail complete with flame! Dave liked Raven Nitro Chilled Coffee thinking “it has a lovely natural sweetness (without need for added sugar), great crema, perfectly good on its own and as a cocktail mixer”. With the Season at hand, Dave muddled some fresh ginger with simple sugar to build his “winter cocktail”, adding locally produced Spike Island Rum, Raven Chilled Nitro Coffee and a full egg for texture. He used a dry shake to infuse the cocktail with some air, some lightness. After pouring the mix into a martini glass, Dave bent a piece of fresh orange peel and lit the juices as it splashed the surface of the drink. The touch of the artiste! cocktail, espresso martini, #cocktail, nitro coffee In conclusion, I would just like to give out a great thanks to John Egan, Steve Kelly and Dave Coe for sharing their wonderful skills and their time with us. I have traveled around the world and know these guys could make any bar sparkle. Cheers, The “Bean Whisperer”

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